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18th August, 2015
On the 18th of august 2015 hahn air made a presentation on their products and services at Travelport office.
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  • Can an agency view airline bookings from the Galileo system within own office?
  • No, but if the airline has signed the Claim PNR agreement with Travelport, this is possible. However, airlines on partnership with Travelport can and do view bookings made in Galileo.
  • What are the benefits connecting to Travelport Ghana?
  • As a subscriber to Galileo, the agency is privileged to view and make reservations on all airlines, enjoys unique and peculiar solutions second to none, international classroom and online training , and could also be appreciated with branded systems: the benefits are endless.
  • My system is showing ‘password expire’. What happens and who changes it?
  • Ninety (90) days after the first sign-in, the password automatically expires and calls for a change: this is a security measures. The user may change it if he/she wishes or may be piloted through upon a call to the office. The beauty in this is that, the user gets sensitized seven (7) days prior to the actual day the password expires and a countdown commences. On the last day that the password expires, the system prompts the user to change the password before access is allowed.
  • What is ‘Terminal in use’?
  • Terminal in use, a phrase which implies the user has signed into the system on one Terminal in the office but has not signed out and is trying to sign into the system on another Terminal – a user can sign in on only ONE Terminal at time.
  • Do bookings/reservations get cancelled from Galileo system? Why?
  • Galileo is a medium for booking flights, cars and hotels. If all professional rules are strictly adhered to bookings are not canceled. If the rules and ethics of reservations are flouted, Vendors (Car Rental companies, Hotels and airlines) will have no options than to cancel bookings. Cancellation is not peculiar to Galileo. It occurs in all GDSs if any rule governing reservations is flouted.
  • Does Travelport Ghana issue flight tickets? Do they give fares?
  • Travelport Ghana does not issue flight tickets. However we give fares as accurate as the ones given by the airlines.
  • How do I get connected to Galileo and what do I do?
  • Contact our office for connection procedures. However, an agency needs a Personal Computer (PC) and an operational ISP (Internet Service Provider) or mobile network dungle.