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18th August, 2015
On the 18th of august 2015 hahn air made a presentation on their products and services at Travelport office.
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Our History


Chicago-based United Airlines introduces the Apollo® computer reservation system (CRS), for use in their own offices.


United Airlines creates the Apollo Travel Services (ATS) division, and the Apollo CRS is marketed to travel agencies in North America and Japan.

Apollo launches Inside Link, providing instant confirmation and last seat availability to travelers.

Apollo Travel Services, is renamed Covia, an independent affiliate of United Airlines.

PC-based Focalpoint® is launched in the American market. Using Windows® technology, the product offers agencies the ability to improve their business efficiency.

In response to the growing need for CRS automation in Europe, The Galileo Company Ltd is incorporated in England and Wales by shareholders British Airways, Swissair, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Alitalia and Covia.

The company’s headquarters are in Swindon, UK. In the US, United Airlines sells 50 percent of Covia to USAir, British Airways, Swissair, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Alitalia, creating the Covia Partnership.

Apollo Partnership formed with Canada-based Gemini and Air Canada becomes Covia's seventh airline owner.

Austrian Airlines, Aer Lingus, TAP Air Portugal, Sabena and Olympic Airways join the Galileo Distribution System Partners bringing the total to eleven.

Covia launches CarMaster™ and RoomMasterâ for Apollo customers, streamlining car and hotel bookings.

Apollo by Gemini begins deployment in Canada.

The Galileo Company Ltd launched 'Release 3' onto the system making Galileo® the first fully operational European-based CRS, and selected travel agencies throughout Europe cutover to the Galileo system. The first ticketed booking is made by a travel agent in The Netherlands.

Nine airline members of the Arab Air Carriers Organization sign an agreement with The Galileo Company Ltd ensuring the provision of the Galileo system in the Arab countries.

GlobalFares™, a new fares system designed for Apollo, Galileo and Gemini users worldwide, is introduced.

On March 5, the European and North American owners of The Galileo Company Ltd and The Covia Partnership sign a letter of intent to combine the two companies and create the world's first global distribution system (GDS).

LeisureShopperâ is introduced on Apollo, the first CRS product with live availability, pricing and instant confirmation of tour packages, integrated with a CRS using a common interface.

Galileo Partnership is formed through the combination of Covia Partnership and The Galileo Company Ltd, creating a global organization.

Apollo Travel Services is formed as Galileo International's National Distribution Company (NDC) for the US and Mexico.

Inside Availabilityâ is launched providing real-time availability directly from an airline’s own system. The product provides the quickest, most up-to-date information on the options available to the client.

In September, the entire Galileo system, which is run on mainframes in Galileo International's data center in Swindon, UK, is transferred to Denver, Colorado. The exercise is successfully completed within a 41 hour period.

Galileo is registered in Hong Kong in April to oversee Galileo’s Asia operations.

LeisureShopper Cruises is launched on Apollo providing agents with real-time, global access to cruise company products.

Air Canada and Galileo International conclude a Memorandum of Understanding to form a CRS company - Galileo Canada - to replace the Gemini Partnership.

Galileo extends its operations to India with Galileo India Pvt. Ltd., which becomes our NDC for that market in September.

In November 1994, James E Barlett takes up his position as President and Chief Executive Officer of Galileo International.

In March, Apollo becomes the first CRS to deliver ticketless travel to travel agencies.

Galileo Canada completes the migration of over 2,500 subscribers from ‘Apollo by Gemini’ to the Apollo system.

The company launches Focalpointâ 3.0, a new workstation product which runs on Windows® 3.1; provides travel agents with productivity tools; and facilitates the integration of office tasks. For the first time, subscribers also have the option to run the product on their own hardware platforms.

In May, Apollo Travel Services begins to implement a new TCP/IP-based network, offering improved response times and extending services to agencies using the Apollo system.

Galileo International opens an office in Beijing and announces the highest level of connectivity with Air China and China Eastern Airlines.

In September, ATS introduces Focalpoint Relay™ 2.0 on Apollo, a suite of productivity tools designed to streamline key tasks. Also included in this release are the Premier™ Car and Hotel applications, the first Graphical User Interface (GUI) products for booking cars and hotels introduced by a CRS company.

Galileo Travelpoint™ is launched in December, the first travel agency distributed reservation product developed and marketed by a major CRS.

Galileo International enters into a marketing agreement with the GETS Marketing Company adding 510 travel agencies in 18 countries.

Galileo International, Inc. is formed to be a holding company for the business of the Galileo Partnership and becomes a publicly traded company in one of the largest technology Initial Public Offerings in US history. The company is traded on the New York and Chicago Stock Exchanges under the symbol GLC. Coinciding with the IPO, Galileo acquires Apollo Travel Services, Galileo Nederland and Traviswiss.

In January, Galileo International announces record quarterly results for the quarter ending December 1997 and declares earnings up 34.5 percent over the previous year.

In April, the company acquires its 16th NDC, Galileo Nordiska, from Swedish travel services company, Fritidsresor.

The company announces an agreement with Internet Travel Network (ITN) to distribute its Global Manager product under the Galileo brand.

In June, Galileo International acquires its distributor in Canada bringing the number of owned Sales and Marketing Organisations to 17.

Viewpoint™, the first point-and-click desk top application is launched in New York and London.

In November, Galileo International completes the acquisition of Shepherd Systems, a market leader in Marketing Information Data Transfer (MIDT) for the airline industry.

Galileo announces minority equity interests in ObjectSpace Inc., Uniglobe Travel, Destinations.com, Stamps.com and TRIP.com. All these companies supply products or services that complement Galileo’s core computerized reservation system product offerings.

Our Viewpoint™ point-and-click desktop application reaches Asia Pacific with its launch in Hong Kong.

Galileo International commences a 31.9 million share secondary stock offering. This, coupled with stock repurchases from certain airline shareholders, resulted in public ownership of approximately 75 percent of the outstanding Galileo shares.

Galileo announces an expansion in its Internet offerings to include a travel consumer-branded Web site to be launched in 2000 called TravelGalileo.com™.

Galileo’s intensive work on preparing its netire operation for trouble –free transition into the new millennium is a success. Galileo continues to process travel reservations worldwide on its Galileo® and Apollo® CRSs.

Galileo announces the acquisition of its 18th Sales and Marketing Organization, Travel Automation Services Ltd., which includes Galileo UK, Galileo’s NDC in the UK. The UK is the second largest market for Galileo.

Galileo announces the acquisition of TRIP.com and its plans to combine its existing Internet assets into TRIP.com, thereby consolidating all Web activities into one powerful, focused entity.

Galileo announces the launch of a new, wholly owned telecommunications subsidiary known as Quantitude, Inc. Quantitude will be building an end-to-end private network on a standard Internet Protocol platform (TCP/IP) to deliver global Internet, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and telecommunications network services to a variety of customers.

Galileo announces the acquisition of the Terren Corporation. Toronto-based Terren Corporation develops client-server software for business databases, data communications and information management with a concentration in the North American leisure tour operator and wholesale market.

Galileo announces that it has entered into a joint venture with InterGlobe Enterprises, New Delhi, India, to create IGT Solutions, a full service TPF programming services company.

Galileo announces the launch of XML Select™. XML Select is a structured data application programming interface (API) that allows travel agencies, third-party vendors, consolidators and travel industry-related e-commerce and software developers to create their own high-volume Web booking engines and server-based applications.

The industry's first-to-market suite of travel management services for wireless devices, Galileo Wireless™, is launched. Galileo Wireless gives mobile professionals or 'road warriors' access to their full itineraries (including air, car and hotel reservations), as well as the ability to change flight reservations.

Galileo announces the expansion of electronic ticketing and the implementation of interline e-ticketing with several airline partners in the US and Europe. Galileo’s CRSs now include 30 airlines offering e-ticketing throughout the world in 25 countries.

Galileo acquires Southern Cross Distribution Systems Pty Limited (Galileo Southern Cross), from Travel Industries Automated Systems Pty Limited (TIAS), the owners of which are the Qantas Airways group, Ansett Airlines and Air New Zealand. Based in Sydney, Australia, Galileo Southern Cross distributes the Galileo® computer reservation system to travel agency locations across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Galileo is the market share leader in the region.

Launched in July, Corporate Travelpoint 2.0, the next-generation corporate travel management solution providing full-service Internet booking and corporate travel management functions premiers at the National Business Travel Association (NBTA) 33rd Annual Convention and Trade Show.

In October, Galileo was acquired by the Cendant Corporation for approximately $2.9 billion. The transaction combined Galileo with Cendant, a diversified global provider of business and consumer services, with a significant presence in the travel sector. As a result of the sale, Quantitude became part of CDNet, Thor was combined with Cendant’s travel agency business and Trip.com was moved into the newly established Trip Network. Mark E. Miller was named president and CEO of Galileo.

Also in October, Galileo announced it completed its acquisition of Highwire, Inc., a leading developer of corporate Internet travel tools and technology based in Seattle, Wash.

Galileo and KDS, the European leader for business travel e-procurement solutions, announced the launch of Galileo SpecialAgent™, a new pan-European, multi-language corporate booking tool for the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) market.

TravelGalileo.com™, our travel agency-branded Web site, is launched in Asia Pacific.

Galileo launches the next generation of GlobalFares™. GlobalFares is a major step in the migration from mainframe technology to open systems, creating greater flexibility and cost efficiencies vital in today’s dynamic marketplace.

In March, Galileo and AFOOFA, the Asia Pacific creators of the BTMS business travel e-procurement solution, announce the launch of Galileo BTMS corporate booking tool for the Asia Pacific market. Galileo BTMS is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the AP corporate user and their agency, with integral market fares and a component like construction allowing flexibility in its deployment structure.

In June, Galileo announced that it is the first GDS to offer complete Web services solutions to the travel industry. Web services are technology-platform independent interfaces that allow customers to directly access Galileo’s travel information and services. Galileo’s Web services will enable its customers, which include travel agencies, software developers and suppliers of air, hotel, car, tour and cruise services, to deliver travel and booking information to their consumers faster while saving significant costs.

In October, Cendant Corporation integrated Galileo as part of its new Travel Distribution Services (TDS) Division. Cendant's TDS Division is its newest division following the company's acquisitions of Galileo International and Cheap Tickets, Inc. The division employs more than 5,000 people around the globe. In the second quarter, the Travel Distribution Services Division accounted for approximately 12 percent of Cendant's revenues ($438 million) and 16 percent of its EBITDA ($130 million).

In November, Galileo International, announced the rollout of the Galileo 360 Portal, the company’s web-based resource for U.S. travel agencies that provides a complete online source for Galileo information on products, tools and services. The Galileo 360 Portal provides a full spectrum of Galileo information for U.S.-based Galileo travel agencies. Product documentation, training information, software downloads, marketing materials, answers to frequently asked questions and the latest Galileo news are all available from the site, bringing together thousands of pages and dozens of resources in one URL: www.galileo.com/360.

In January, Galileo International launched Momentum: an innovative, three year program to provide exclusive benefits to airlines and agencies the elect to enroll. Momentum provided participating airlines a timely and tangible way to reduce distribution costs by approximately 20 percent while increasing fare distribution, including Web fares.

In March, Galileo told USDOT that Computer Reservaton System (CRS) Rules are necessary to protect consumers and competition

In May, Galileo International and Reliance Pacific Berhad, the leading travel and tourism group in Malaysia, announced an agreement that transfered ownership of Reliance Pacific Berhad’s GDS business to Galileo.

In May, Galileo International launches Web Services platform globally enabling clients to build customized applications.

In July, Galileo International combined the strengths of its Momenturm and Preferred Fares programs to launch Preferred Fares Select (PFS) in response to the interests and needs of its travel agency and airline customes.

By the end of the year all of the “Big 6” major U.S. carriers had joined.

In August, Galileo International announces it has acquired Taiwan distribution partner, World Data Systems and transfers busniness to new wholly owned Galileo subsidiary.


In January, Galileo announces a new 3-year fares agreement with British Airways, ensuring customers have complete access to the broadest possible range of BA fares via Galileo worldwide.

In April, Cendant announces its acquisition of Australia-basied Flairview Travel, and the launch of another worldwide 3-year fares agreement with a major carrier – this time with Qantas.

In September, Cendant Corporation agrees to acquire Orbitz, Inc. for $1.25 Billion. "Galileo® Best Available Rate" is also launched, providing Galileo-connected agencies with the convenience of one-stop shopping access to the best published rates from top hotel chains.

In October, Galileo inks a 4-year distribution agreement with Air Canada, providing Travel Agents worldwide with full access to published fares content. Galileo signs Best Western to the highest level of GDS connectivity with Inside Shopper™.

Online hotel booking engine Galileo HotelClub is launched – providing agents with guaranteed hotel commissions and direct control over the commission levels charged. Galileo expands its low-fare airline options for customers worldwide with the addition of Independence Air.

In November, Cendant Travel Distribution Services and Best Western International enter into a multi-year distribution and services agreement.

In December, Cendant agrees to acquire leading European online travel provider ebookers plc. Cendant moves to acquire Ramada International from Marriott International.

Galileo debuts its industry-leading 360˚ Fares System solution. It is the first GDS to offer 100% fully automated fares and fare rules.

Cendant acquires Gulliver’s Travel Associates – the leading wholesaler of hotels, destination services, travel packages and group tours, and octopustravel.com – the global online provider of lodging and destination services.

Galileo is the first GDS to market its industry-leading Cruise booking Tool, Galileo CruiseSM.